Social Media Engagement: 8 Ways To Increase It

Social Media Engagement: 8 Ways To Increase It

Social Media Marketing is one of the main marketing disciplines and for many businesses out there, social media marketing is one of the key elements in marketing. And Social Media Engagement is the key to becoming a successful social media user. 

Businesses should use social media to promote their brands, but getting their material on these platforms isn’t what drives sales and brand awareness. 

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is more than just the accumulation of followers across social platforms. It’s also a measurement of how many people are paying attention to and interacting with your brand on a daily basis. The measuring of comments, likes, and shares on social media is known as social media engagement.

Of course, you want to grow your following, but the most important metric of social media success is having an engaged audience, not just a large one. Quality, not quantity, is what you should be aiming for.

Imagine throwing a party for a large group of people, but they all sat silently. There will be no small talk, dancing, talks, or dubious drinking games. Was the get-together a success? Sure, the guest list looks fine, but did your guests have a wonderful time? 

You see, you need to focus on engagement. In fact, engagement can be various things:

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Saved posts
  • Click-through-rate
  • Impressions
  • Messages

Ready to increase your social media engagement?

Follow the 8 steps below to increase your engagement rate immediately.

Create content that people will save or share

One of your highest goals is that people share your content. That way, you reach even more people (the followers of the person who shared your post) organically. Also, Social Media algorithms love when people share your content because that means your content is highly relevant. 

Also great is when people save your posts for later. People tend to save posts if there is something in it they need to remember later. This can be a nice quote, something teachable or inspiring. Give it a try and create different kinds of content. That way, you can see which posts will be shared or saved.

You need to engage too!

Doesn’t matter which social media platform you use – they have something in common: they are all social. What I mean about that is that people need to be social on the platform, the same goes for you. 

One of the simplest methods to increase social media engagement is to respond to your audience, but actually, we see many businesses ignoring this. Many companies will simply publish content and leave it at that. This is a mistake; you should respond to your followers’ comments and engage with them too!

Because a conversation requires two people, you must spend the time communicating with your audience. If someone comments on your content, respond. Start a discussion with your brand by engaging in conversation.

One of the most effective social media engagement methods is to have discussions with your audience since it motivates them to keep participating with your company. You encourage them to leave comments on future content and stay in touch with you.

Show behind the scene

People are interested in people. And they want to know even more about the person/brand they follow. So use this as a chance and show behind the scene content. That can be your workspace, how your days look (at the office), tasks you have to do, your team and more. Be creative and try to show more behind the scene content.

Ask your followers a question

Create a discussion with clients to get them talking to you. This is another wonderful way to get engagement to not just happen but to continue. It can assist you to gather client feedback as well as increasing brand awareness.

Create content that is valuable

People follow you for a reason. You need to offer them value – and when talking about this, we mean a lot of value. Give them a real reason why they need to follow you.

If you’re just talking about how great your brand is, or what you have for sale, it’s going to be harder to connect.

Share information with them, helpful insights, motivational content or inspirational one.

Overall, the best way to figure out what content is working is to watch and learn.

Create visual posts

Make your content even more interesting using videos, gifs or emojis. Stop just posting plain text – this kind of content gets boring over time.

Including an image, GIF or short video into your social posts can make it attractive to all types of users and also increase the accessibility of the posts.

Post frequently

It’s critical to post frequently—ideally one to three times each day—to keep your content fresh and active. It’s also crucial to post at the proper time each day. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be online all the time to post exactly at the same time every day. You can easily use a Social Media Tool like Buffer to schedule your posts. If you want to schedule posts for Instagram and Facebook, you can also use the free CreatorStudio from Facebook directly to schedule your content.

Feature followers

Featuring your customers and followers is one of the most effective strategies to improve social media engagement. The advantage to sharing user-generated content on social media is that you’re demonstrating to your followers that your current clients adore your stuff. By making the fans whose posts you share feel appreciated, you’re also winning their loyalty.

As you see, social media engagement is highly relevant. Make sure you follow the 8 easy-to-follow steps above and start increasing your engagement that way.

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